Lacoste Sunglasses Developed by a Tennis Star for Fashion Lovers

Published: 20th March 2012
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History of Lacoste Sunglasses

Lacoste has an interesting history. Rene Lacoste acquired the nickname of the alligator when he made a deal with the leader of the Davis Cup team Spain. The bet was with respect to a crocodle skin suitcase. However, the official statement says that Rene had a deal with the captain that if he won an important match he will be given the suitcase. Rene was victorious and after this story leaked, the American press named him "le Crocodile". following retiring, Lacoste along with Andre Giller as partner started the La Chemise Lacoste. This company started initially with creating tennis shirts with the embroidery of the logo on the outside, a initial of its kind. Later on the company ventured into producing shirts, fashion accessories like hats, wallets and even sunglasses.

Development of the Sunglasses Range

It was in the 1980's, which is hailed as the golden era in the history of tennis, that Lacoste sunglasses were been launched. The sunglasses introduced during this initial period had a classy and retro look to it. The most preferred layout was the aviator hues. The latest Lacoste sunglasses have exciting coloration blocking, striping and piping. They are available in multiple colors from greens to blacks to reds. Thin rimmed, thick frames at the sides are the dominant types of the sunglasses now. traditional, rectangle, round, semi-rectangle, semi-square are the other shapes available.

components used for frames and contact lenses

Metal, Plastic and rimless are the products used for frames in Lacoste sunglasses. They are made for comfort and still stylish. The frames are light weight, thereby putting less weight on your nose. The Lacoste lenses delivers hundred percent protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

high excellent handle and testing

The sunglasses of the Lacoste range have become preferred simply because of the high quality of the resources used. Lacoste have spent a great deal on their high excellent manage and testing. Despite their efforts to provide the best products to the consumers, many individuals fall a prey to fake sunglasses which are sold as lacoste manufactured sunglasses. They cost less than the originals but they are not durable or of good good quality than the original ones. Even their finish is not up to the mark as compared to the originals. The original sunglasses of the lacoste company have a crocodile engraved on the side of the frames. These sunglasses go through a complicated screening process so as to ensure that the consumers are supplied with high quality eye wear.

Celebrities sporting this brand

Mant celebrities and particularly sporting celebrities are loyalists of this brand of sunglasses among the sporting megastars. They have been seen sporting Lacoste sunglasses at various tennis matches and even at various occasions outside the sporting arena.

Lacoste sunglasses are common not only for their design and comfort but also for their good excellent. The high good quality of the items makes them immensely popular both among the celebrities as well as among the masses.

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